Test For Gender Dysphoria (Anonymous)

Real Life Personal Experience
This test helps us know if you have gender dysphoria, something to be ashamed of and that is totally normal.

1. Do you feel comfortable with your biological sex?

2. Do you like to be treated as if you were of the opposite sex?

3. Do you feel uncomfortable with your genitals?

4. Do you have unrestrained desires to belong to the other sex?

5. Do you like to make up and wear women's clothes (if you are a man) or do you like masculine kind (women)?

6. Would you have surgery to look like the opposite sex?

7. Have you told anyone?

8. You like to wear women's or men's clothes:

9. if you haven't, you would:

10. if you had an accident and lost your genitals that you would feel:

11. you are attracted to:

12. You have had any sexual experience:

13.If not, would you have it?:

14. You have a stable partner:

15. Does this situation affect you much?

16. Would you like to change your first name?

17. Since what age have you felt uncomfortable with your biological sex?

18. Do you intend to receive hormonal treatment?

19. Have you felt discriminated because of your condition?

20. Do you feel accepted by your family environment?

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