26Jan, 2019


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Along with lack of desire (lack of libido, sexual inappetence or anaphrodisia), it is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions of women (especially after menopause) and they often go to the extreme of pretending a climax to please their partner. There may be anorgasmia in men, but it is less frequent and difficult to diagnose, as it is hidden behind the misconception that ejaculation is an orgasm. It consists of not reaching orgasm or climax in a normal way. 5% of the causes of anorgasmia are organic and have […]

19Jan, 2019

Andropause Is A Syndrome That Should Be Treated

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Testosterone values decrease annually, although individual differences may exist. Total Testosterone values decrease by 35% in men aged 20 to 80, while free Testosterone (Tl) decreases by 50%. It has been shown that with age there is a loss of heart rhythm (day-night) of the secretion of Testosterone, in the elderly, as well as an elevation of transporter globulins and therefore only 2% circulates freely to be used by cells of the body.   -What is Andropause and how does it manifest itself?: The term Andropause is used only to […]

12Jan, 2019

Last News about Finasteride

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Doctors & Researchers Speaking Out Using finasteride for hair loss is like shooting at sparrows with cannons. Using finasteride for hair loss is like shooting at sparrows with cannons. The drug.…blocks not only the super hormone but also other hormones that affect thinking and psyche, mood and emotions. Discontinuation of the drug should actually make the hormones work again.…but apparently, something breaks down in some men, in the prostate, in the brain, in the whole organism. —I Didn’t Want to Go Bald. A Pill the Doctor Gave Me Destroyed My […]

5Jan, 2019

Para Que Sirve La DHEA

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-Definición: La DHEA es una hormona esteroidea, es un acrónimo de Dehidroepiandrosterona o Androstenolona, y una de las más importantes producida por el cuerpo humano, especialmente en las glándulas suprarrenales, siendo la precursora de muchas otras hormonas,y es una prohormona, de las más abundantes en el cuerpo. También es producida en pequeñas cantidades por los ovarios, testículos y cerebro. Los esteroides son una gran familia de compuestos con una estrutura básica comun que tienen funciones antiinflamatorias, determinantes del sexo, y reguladoras del crecimiento. Antes que la DHEA, es la pregnenolona […]

5Jan, 2019

What The DHEA Is Used For

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-Definition: DHEA is a steroid hormone, is an acronym for Dehydroepiandrosterone or Androstenolone, and one of the most important produced by the human body, especially in the adrenal glands, being the precursor of many other hormones, and is a prohormone, among the most abundant in the body. It is also produced in small quantities by the ovaries, testicles and brain. Steroids are a large family of compounds with a common basic structure that have anti-inflammatory, sex-determining, and growth-regulating functions. IT is pregnenolone the major precursor, as it is the source […]