Gender Dysphoria


Clinical practice guidelines for the assessment and treatment of transsexuality. Group Identity and Sexual Differentiation SEEN (GIDSEEN) * (Annex 1)
The diagnostic and therapeutic approach transsexual patients can only develop into functional units Gender Identity, with the provision of high quality healthcare services, development of clinical practice guidelines and interdisciplinary working groups.

The therapeutic process:

The therapeutic process consists of 3 pillars: Psychological initial diagnostic assessment and psychotherapy, endocrinological evaluation and hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgeries. Hormonal treatment crossover is an important process anatomical and psychological transition appropriately selected patients element. Hormones help optimize the process of real life in the sex identity, improve the quality of life and limit psychiatric comorbidities often associated with lack of this treatment. The development of this clinical practice guideline addresses the need to implement a coordinated action protocol for comprehensive health care for
transgender people in the National Health System.

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