Hypogonadism: When Testosterone Falls

Two out of five men suffer alterations related to this hormone, the most common being hypogonadism, which occurs when there is a low.
Testosterone is usually reduced as wth the age. Its lower production usually translates into problems at the sexual, muscular and even mental level.
Sexual health
Hypogonadism can lead to sexual failures, such as decreased libido or interest in sex, loss of potency in the sexual organ, reduction of semen volume or lower frequency of erections.
Muscular system
Muscle development is directly related to testosterone levels, so a deficit in these can bring negative consequences in the locomotor system and muscles, such as flaccidity, loss of muscle mass, lower endurance in muscles during exercise, accumulation of abdominal fat, loss of strength and speed, muscle and joint pain, etcetera.
Mental health
The lack of the main male hormone in men can cause fatigue, loss of vitality, concentration problems and slowness in mental processes, which together with the lack of well-being and the loss of some faculties (sexual desire, strength, speed) can have negative repercussions on the state of mind and cause irritability, insomnia, anxiety and, in extreme cases, depression. hypogonadism can be diagnosed and treated. The expert in Endocrinology, Ángel Cunill Castro, asserts in this sense that «there is a scale that measures the levels of testosterone and indicates whether it is above, inside or below what is considered habitual». According to the specialist, the diagnosis is made through a blood test, the results of which are analyzed according to the normal parameters. If the levels are low, certifies Cunill, «a treatment can be applied based on injections of testosterone that are dispensed, only with a doctor’s prescription, in pharmacies.
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