01) Decrease in your sense of general well-being, subjective feeling:

    02) Joint pain and muscle pain, back pain in general:

    03) Excessive sweating, sudden episodes, hot flushes not related to exercises:

    04) Sleep problems difficulty falling asleep, sleeping at a stretch, waking up tired, light sleep:

    05) More need to sleep, often feels tired:

    06) Irritability, feels aggressive, gets angry easily, moody:

    07) Nerviosismo, tensión interior, se siente inquieto:

    08) Anxiety, feeling of panic:

    09) Physical exhaustion and lack of vitality, overall decrease in performance, reduced activity:

    10) Less interest in leisure activities, feeling of not finishing things:

    11) Having to force yourself to carry out activities, reluctance in general:

    12) Decreased muscle strength, feeling of weakness in general:

    13) Depressed mood, feeling discouraged and sad, lacking in energy, mood swings, sense of worthlessness:

    14) Sensación de que ha pasado el mejor momento de su vida:

    15) Sensation that the best moment of your life has passed:

    16) Decreased beard growth:

    17) Decreased capacity or frequency of sexual performance:

    18) Erectile dysfunction or flaccidity of the erection:

    19) Premature or delayed ejaculation:

    20) You have taken medication to remedy it:

    21) Decrease in nocturnal erections:

    22) Decrease in nocturnal erections: Decreased sexual desire or libido, lack of pleasure:

    23) Do you practise exercises?

    24) Decreased memory and less mental agility:

    25) You have taken anabolic or protein supplements:

    26) Other concomitant diseases:

    27) Do you take some medication:

    28) Others:

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